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The Probabilistic Operator Algebras Seminar is an online seminar organized by Dan-Virgil Voiculescu that features talks on recent advances in free probability, operator algebras, random matrices, and related topics. If you would like to receive information about the seminar please send an email to: jgarzav at caltech dot edu.

Titles, abstracts, and slides from future and past talks are available below.

Upcoming Talks

TBA (Resuming in July)

Past Talks (Spring of 2024)

May 21, 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. (Pacific Time)

Title: Central Limit Theorem for tensor products of free variables.
Speaker: Patrick Oliveira Santos, Universite Gustave Eiffel Paris.
Abstract, Slides

May 7, 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. (Pacific Time)

Title: Structural properties of graph products of von Neumann algebras.
Speaker: Ben Hayes, University of Virginia.

April 23

Title: An Application of Free Probability in the Study of Noncommutative Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Speaker: Hamoon Mousavi, Simons Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, UC Berkeley.
Abstract, Slides

April 16

Title: A fixed point approach to non-commutative central limit theorems.
Speaker: Jad Hamdan, University of Oxford.

April 9

Title: Free probability of type B prime
Speaker: Takahiro Hasebe, Hokkaido University
Abstract, Slides

March 19

Title: Zero Bias in the Free World
Speaker: Todd Kemp, UCSD
Abstract, Slides

March 12

Title: Combinatorial aspects of Parraud's asymptotic expansion for GUE matrices
Speaker: David Jekel, Fields Institute

March 5

Title: Almost uniform convergence in von Neumann algebras
Speaker: Eric Ricard, University of Caen Normandy

February 27

Title: Selfless C*-algebras
Speaker: Leonel Robert, UL Lafayette
Abstract, Slides

February 20

Title: On operator-valued R-diagonal and Haar unitary elements
Speaker: Ken Dykema, Texas A&M
Abstract, Slides

February 13

Title: Nuclear C*-algebras and generalized inductive limits
Speaker: Kristin Courtney, University of Southern Denmark Odense
Abstract, Slides

February 6

Title: Deformation of Voiculescu free Fock space and q-convolutions of probability measures on the real line
Speaker: Marek Bozejko, University of Wroclaw
Abstract, Slides

January 30

Title: Bi-free probability and reflection positivity
Speaker: Roland Speicher, Saarland University Saarbruecken
Abstract, Slides

January 23

Title: On Voiculescu's Topological Free Entropy for C*-algebras
Speaker: Junhao Shen, University of New Hampshire
Abstract, Slides

January 16

Title: The Boolean quadratic forms and tangent law
Speaker: Wiktor Ejsmont, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Abstract, Slides